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                                         Van Loon Pigeons

Van Loon

In 1986 Hans Eijerkamp bought all the breeding pigeons at Jaap Grotendorst. Almost all these pigeons had won a 1st prize or bred 1st prize-winners in the Rotterdam area. All these pigeons were connected to the Louis van Loon pigeons. After first racing these pigeons pure, the results were poor. In 1991 they were crossed with birds of the great Janssen lines and it was the beginning of a new super crossing; Van Loon x Janssen. Out these pairings several great birds were bred like: Linda (2nd Nat. Ace pigeon in the Netherlands WHZB), John (Co-winner of the National Short distance  championship) and Flits (Olympiad pigeon Utrecht 1995 and 5th Nat. Ace pigeon in the Netherlands WHZB). Hans Eijerkamp, merchant as he is, kept searching for good van Loon pigeons. Of course at the grand master himself in Poppel but also in the Netherlands at various small unknown lofts. The pigeons of all these lofts were related to each other and all of these birds found their origin at the great van Loon pigeons of grand master Anton van Haaren. With these pigeons he virtually obliterated provincial NABvP races in the early 70 s.

The famous Silver Shadow was bought as well at one of these fanciers and this inbred cock, who won 3 first prizes, has left his marks on the van Loon strain at Hans Eijerkamp and Sons. Together with Silver Shadow also his parents and many siblings moved wit him to the Eijerkamp lofts. In 1996 all breeding pigeons were bought at Leo van de Werff including great pigeons like: Beach Boy, Blauwe Thoma, Bonte van Haaren, and Gladiator. These pigeons gave the Eijerkamp lofts a huge impulse. In the starting of this millennium the pigeons of Leo van de Werff dominated the Zuiderkempen in the One day races. After the sudden decease of Leo van de Werff his pigeons were sold for huge prices. Evert-Jan Eijerkamp bought several great pigeons, including Don Leo who was the 4th Nat. Ace pigeon in the One day races in the Netherlands in 2004. He also bought his brother Fabio who flew several top prizes on the One day races. The legacy of this two pigeons proved these pigeons were worthy as breeders on the Eijerkamp lofts.

In 1995, Staf Theeuwes was a regular visitor of the Eijerkamp family and Staff was a well known friend of Louis van Loon. He helped Louis regularly with all sorts of choirs. Staf won several national victories. These Theeuwes pigeons mostly origin from pure van Loon pigeons and a few pigeons from Gust Hofkens and Nelles van de Pol pigeons. In 1997 Eijerkamp took over all the breeding pigeons of Staf and a new bloodline emerged on the van Loon tree. In particular the offspring of the great couple Chicago x Denver were a huge impulse for the One day races.
Chicago has become the ancestor of the Van Loon strain nowadays


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