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                        Oscar De Vriendt Pigeons 

     The de Vriends in the loft of Andre Carelsen originated mainly from
      the two de Vriend breeding pairs that were imported by Frans Puttri 
      in 1957.
                         One of the foundation Oscars of the loft
                                    Greeneys: SA 46866 1995
Most modern day fanciers pay little attention to the champions of decades ago. They are more interested in what is winning today and rightfully so, however over the last 45 years I have tried many different middle and long distance families and as of today none of them has matched up with the Devriendts especially on the tough and long distance races. With this in mind lets look back in time at the originator of the Devriendt Family "Oscar Devriendt". He was born in 1889 in the West Flanders area of Belgium. In 1909 he started with pigeons and served as an artillery-man in the first World War (1914-1918). The basic pigeons came from the loft of VanderVelt in Oudenburg. After the war the Devriendt loft as well as Cattrysse lofts were so successful they were barred from local racing or limited to sending two or four birds to the short and middle distance races. In order to compete in the long distance races they were forced to go to the Provincial and National races. It was not long before the Devriendt loft became one of the best in Belgium. Many outstanding results were recorded up to World War Two. During the war both the Devriendt and Cattrysse lofts were occupied by the German army. After the war about 50 birds were kept and the results became phenomenal. Top national results continued throughout the fifties and during the sixties and the work of running the lofts was turned over to Maurice and Marcel, the two sons of Oscar. In 1963 Oscar suffered a stroke and although he never fully recovered he continued to advise his sons in the management of the lofts. In 1966 Oscar died and the official name changed to DeVriendt Brothers. Because Marcel and Maurice's time was limited they competed more in the middle distance races to avoid the long wait of the long distance races. During this time top middle distance results continued till the end of the sixties. This was helped with a cross from an exchange of birds with Desmet-Mathys of Nokere. The exchange benefited both lofts greatly for years and the DeVriendt blood became very popular playing a big part in the success of many top fanciers. To name a few Hector Desmet, Maurice Delbar and Jos Vanden Broucke. In 1971 the Brothers again achieved top long distance results winning 13th National Cahors and 6th National Angouleme. In 1972 Vuiltje won 1st National Cahors against 4135 birds. By the late seventies young bird racing was becoming more important and in 1978 they raced better than ever before. In 1979 - 348 prizes were won, the highest number ever for the DeVriendt lofts. In 1981 -465 prizes were won with super results coming mostly from the young birds. 1987 would be the last real glory for the DeVriendt lofts, "DeSchone" a cock from 1982 with bloodlines of the old Zwarteband and Fieren would win 1st provincial Cahors, 23rd National 6448 birds, 2nd provincial Narbonne and 3rd National Luik, 4175 birds. Deschone was 2nd National Ace pigeon long distance. In 1989 Maurice DeVriendt died after a long illness and the total loft was sold at auction on March 3, 1990.
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